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The team at KG has spent 35 years defending Florida’s lawyers and accountants. From solo practitioners and large law firms, business deals gone bad, and broken client expectations, we’ve seen it all. Other professionals place their trust in Klein Glasser Park & Lowe; you should too.

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Klein Glasser primarily focuses its practice on the representation of fellow attorneys. The Firm’s client base ranges from the solo practitioner to nationwide firms in a diverse spectrum of practice areas and matters.

Regardless of the nature of the claim asserted against the lawyer or the law firm, we are “lawyers’ lawyers”; each client receives the full benefit of the Firm’s unparalleled experience and work product. The Firm has tried multiple professional malpractice claims and has been involved in the creation of much of the law protecting Florida lawyers to this day.

Notable decisions include the first case in Florida adopting judgmental immunity as a defense in a legal malpractice action; as well as the first appellate decision in Florida to determine that there was no joint liability as between predecessor and successor counsel where the successor attorney had ample opportunity to obviate errors caused by the original attorney.


Auditors and accountants regularly call on KGPL when faced with claims of malpractice, misrepresentation, fraud, and other professional misconduct. Our lawyers have a strong understanding of the audit process, professional auditing standards, and the roles that different staff members play on an audit. They also understand the legal issues that typically arise in cases involving auditors and accountants. That understanding helps our lawyers formulate appropriate strategies when defending auditors’ conduct.

Our in-depth knowledge of the unique issues presented by claims against auditors and accountants allows us to develop creative and cost-effective approaches to resolve them. At the same time, we recognize that the defense of such claims often requires clients to stand on principle. We stand with them and are known for our ability to try cases to successful conclusions, deal effectively with government regulators, and reach reasonable, favorable resolutions of matters when appropriate.


The risk of a lawsuit has become a reality for every business. How an organization handles actual or threatened legal action directly impacts its strength and future. KGPL’s General Liability Defense attorneys have extensive experience representing a variety of litigants in claims arising out of property damage, personal injury of any kind, accidents, toxic torts and bad faith. Our years of experience gained through both plaintiff and defense directed representation allow us to quickly and correctly analyze issues, risks and exposures for litigation. We make it a priority to understand our clients’ objectives and to devise a legal strategy appropriate for their case.

Based upon this philosophy, our General Liability Defense Practice Group has successfully defended general liability claims at all levels of the litigation process in a variety of venues through motions for summary judgment and trials when necessary. They also understand our clients’ business, and are able to counsel clients on when it is advantageous to settle a meritorious claim out of court.


The majority of litigation that we handle falls within the category of “general commercial litigation.”  This includes breach of contract cases, fraud-related cases and then everything else in between.  Our contract cases span the spectrum of business disputes from legacy liability issues, distributor, vendor, business-to-business disputes, employment and real estate disputes.  There is no subject matter area of a contract that we are not comfortable handling.

We also routinely litigate cases where fraud or misrepresentation is alleged, (we have extensive experience litigating breach of fiduciary duty cases) and often where a fair amount of investigation, analysis (and sleuthing) is needed to get to the bottom of what happened and who is liable.  This dovetails well with our white collar crime & investigations practice.


Construction projects are fertile breeding grounds for disputes and conflicting claims often arise between the many parties involved in any given undertaking.  The KGPL team has extensive experience in resolving the full range of claims that can arise before, during and after construction projects.

We have tried many cases to verdict and have obtained favorable and cost-effective settlements in hundreds of matters through early neutral evaluation, mediation and private and court-assisted arbitration.

Our highly experienced lawyers frequently write, speak and comment on construction and construction litigation issues. We know that construction projects can be enormously complex and risk-prone undertakings and that, to be effective, attorneys representing participants in the construction industry have to, as our attorneys do, understand their unique customs and jargon.


To answer the need for customized risk services, we created created KGPL Consulting.  We offer a full spectrum of risk management consulting services, from off-site to comprehensive risk assessments and claims program development. With decades of experience in this arena comes an understanding that every engagement is unique in both its challenges and goals, and requires a plan tailored to it in order to achieve the most favorable outcome.

We work collaboratively with you – your internal staff, your insurer’s staff or the management members of your organization, to formulate a plan that complements your existing program.

Whether your organization participates in a self-insured or a commercial insurance program, risk consulting services are available to assist you when an independent, objective perspective is needed.


A centerpiece of KGPL’s practice is our ability to help employers take preventive measures to avoid costly litigation and administrative penalties, while improving productivity and helping to build a workplace of mutual respect and high ethical standards. At KGPL, we understand that mitigating workplace risks includes not only compliance with labor and employment laws, but also maintaining a culture of compliance and strong ethical values.

KGPL is uniquely positioned to provide the specific services its clients need in both of these areas of compliance and can make available additional subject matter resources to help them understand and manage the risks associated with non-compliance. We guide employers on both U.S. and global standards.


Your firm has large real estate holdings and hotel operational risks which are subject to physical, income, and operational losses. To protect against such losses, you have purchased insurance with limits, coverages, and deductibles consistent with your firm’s tolerance for risk and market availability.

A complex loss occurs and you are faced with potential disputes over interpretation of coverage wording, loss calculations, periods of indemnity, etc. Your insurer issues a reservation of rights, or otherwise informs you of a position inconsistent with your understanding of the coverages that you purchased. Although you may have in-house counsel and outside counsel relationships, it is unlikely that either specializes in insurance law.

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